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About Us

The Eye Care Welfare Organization Pakistan established in 2014 after the death of Dr Khursheed Alam. Eye Care Welfare Organisation removes the barriers of access and expense that stand between too many poor children and a bright future. About one in need some kind of corrective eyewear. But the need skyrockets for economically challenged communities, where 30 – 50 percent of poor go without necessary professional eye care services. The implications of that are tremendous if a child can’t see, he can’t read, if he can’t read, he can’t learn, and if he can’t learn, he’s going to get in trouble. Aina Marzia Free eye care center was all too familiar with the huge need for eye care for underserved children. And he decided to do something about it, leaving his private practice behind to launch Eye Care Welfare Organization a nonprofit organization that brings eye care services to children whose families can’t afford it.

Six years after the launch of Eye Care Welfare Organization the organization is approaching 250,000 people with professional eye exams, vision screenings and, if needed, “new, really cool eyeglasses.”

The nonprofit now has a presence in five states including a family clinic, laboratory, school-based clinics, other community-based clinics, and even mobile clinics. Not only do the kids need the services, but we need to take the services to the kids.

Our staff is trained to work with special needs children; including children with Autism and Down syndrome.In 2019 when our new ophthalmology clinic on the Midvale campus opens, we will be able to facilitate man of the vision complications that children face that reach beyond eyewear.

Eye Care Welfare Organization would like to see a free clinic in every major city across the Pakistan, and a mobile clinic in each state to aid in our Rural Outreach Program This is Pakistan. There is no reason a child should go years without an eye examination, without professional eye care, without a silly pair of glasses.

Aina Marzia Free eye care center have received multiple awards for being an outstanding kid’s charity.  This year Aina Marzia Free eye care center received the Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the 2016!

Aina Marzia Free eye care center has teamed up with NBA Sports Teams, Professional Athletes and Entertainment Industry Celebrities to expand the charities visibility.