Assistant Rector/Priest

Reports to:  Rector/Priest in Charge | Status: Full Time | FLSA: Exempt

St. Paul, Salem website:

Ministry Overview

The Assistant Rector/Priest is called to minister with the Rector/Priest in Charge to provide leadership to the parish as priest and teacher, sharing in the counsel of this congregation and of the whole Church, in communion with our Bishop. To proclaim the Gospel, by word and action, informed at all times by the Holy Scriptures, the Book of Common Prayer and the Constitution and Canons of the General Convention and this Diocese. To love and serve Christ’s people, nourish them, and strengthen them to glorify God in this life and in the life to come. As Assistant Rector/Priest, you are responsible for a wide variety of tasks as assigned by the Rector/Priest in Charge. Areas of focus will be revised periodically to assure experience in all areas of church life.

The Assistant Rector/Priest is called to:

  • Share with the Rector/Priest in Charge in the ministries of ordained leadership, including worship, preaching, teaching, and pastoral care.
  • Provide leadership and oversight in collaboration with the Rector/Priest in Charge.
  • To support and encourage the various areas of ministry in their care.
  • Meet regularly with the Rector/Priest in Charge for prayer, planning, and review.
  • Nurture their own spiritual life and practice self-care.

Ministry Responsibilities

The Assistant Rector/Priest, will have responsibilities and duties in the following ministry areas:

  1. Organizational: Participate in weekly staff meetings, monthly vestry meetings and other meetings as assigned. Write articles for the weekly email, quarterly newsletter and other forms of parish communication.
  2. Liturgical: preach and celebrate at Eucharist services by mutual agreement with the Rector/Priest in Charge. Participate in all aspects of the liturgical life of the community.
  3. Pastoral Care: assist the Rector/Priest in Charge in the ongoing pastoral ministry of the parish.
  4. Christian Formation and Education: Provide leadership and support for all aspects of Christian formation and spiritual nurture.
  5. Diocesan Ministry: Engage in and undertake Diocesan ministry as agreed in consultation with Bishop, Rector/Priest in Charge.

All duties listed herein and subject to change upon direction from the Rector/Priest in Charge in consultation with the Assistant Rector/Priest.

Required Qualifications:

  • M.Div. degree from an accredited seminary
  • Must be a candidate for Holy Orders, a Transitional Deacon, or a priest in the Episcopal Church.
  • Demonstrated leadership and small group facilitation skills

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to move freely in and out of different small, medium, and large group settings (homes, church, businesses, etc.)
  • Able to speak in a public forum

Core Competencies:

  • Mission Leadership: Demonstrate understanding, full support, and ability to articulate the mission, values and beliefs of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
  • Biblical Knowledge: Able to discuss and interpret scripture, and connect Christian teaching to life situations. Guides others in the exploration and discovery of new insights for ongoing spiritual growth and maturity. Encourages and designs avenues for others to engage in ongoing study of scripture.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates spiritual maturity, and the ability to build warm relationships in the parish. Demonstrates leadership ability. Productively engages and resolves interpersonal conflict. Engages people positively, and joyfully.
  • Team Building Skills: Guides leaders in the process of sharing best practices, and identifying and solving common problems. Works with leaders to regularly assess the health of teams and groups. Helps to create and communicate vision, direction and goals for the team.
  • Management Skills: Demonstrates commitment and flexibility in scheduling regular meetings with staff and volunteers in areas of oversight. Strong organizational and project management skills, i.e., a self-starter.
  • Leadership Development: Affirms and supports the ministry of the lay membership.

See the attached Salary and Benefits information here (Word Doc download).