With a sense of enthusiasm, wrapped in the realism that its work may be daunting, the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon Commission to End Racism held its first meeting on Saturday, September 26, via Zoom. Following each Commission member’s name being announced as part of the opening prayer, members were invited to share a bit about themselves, and what their hopes for the commission are. This was followed by vignettes of experiences in their lives during which some Commission members shared of having witnessed or experienced instances of racism.

These stories, as well as experiences regarding how some Commission members have participated in ways to embrace racial and/or cultural understanding over their lifetimes set a warm theme of ways in which the work to end racism may, indeed, be successful. Commissioners also expressed the feeling that our work may never be as important as it is at this time.

The initial two-hour Commission meeting ended with a closing prayer, and an optimistic feeling that, through the embrace of Jesus Christ, we will indeed make a difference.

Members of the Commission are:

  • The Rev Jeanne Kaliszewski, Co-Convenor, Grace, Portland
  • Michael Montgomery, Co-Convenor, St. Philip the Deacon, Portland
  • Daniel Jones, Co-Vice Convenor, Grace, Portland
  • Madeline Moore, Co-Vice Convenor, St. David of Wales, Portland
  • The Rev Beto Arcieniega, Canon for Latino Ministries
  • The Rev Ryan Baker-Fones, Transitional Deacon, Eugene
  • Bernadine Clay, St. Philip the Deacon, Portland
  • Faith Curammeng, Trinity Cathedral, Portland
  • The Rev. Ernestein Flemister, St. Luke’s, Grants Pass
  • Gary Forner, St. Paul’s Salem
  • Richard Genece, Christ Church, Lake Oswego
  • The Rev. Chris Hertlein
  • The Rev Shana McCauley St. Edwards, Silverton
  • Michael Martinez, St. Stephens, Portland
  • Barbara Millikin, Trinity Cathedral, Portland
  • Hana Rubens, St. Luke’s Grant’s Pass

Please visit the site on the Diocesan web site that offers links to various resources.

The email address for the Commission to End Racism is diocesecter@gmail.com. We welcome your questions and comments as we give shape to our goals and activities.