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Job Title: Soup Kitchen Operations Manager                                           

Fulltime position

Reports to: Executive Director        

Status: Exempt

Established: 02/23


Feed the hungry of Yamhill County, treat guests with the dignity and love that we would a guest in our own home, and provide others the opportunity to serve.


The Soup Kitchen Operations Manager reports directly to the Executive Director and works in collaboration with the Board of Directors to provide dinner service to our guests five days of the week. 

The Operations Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Soup Kitchen including planning nutritious meals, sourcing food, securing, training and supervising volunteers for work shifts, performing administrative tasks and maintaining the Parish Hall during meal service days.

Required work experience and abilities

Essential Functions:

  • Manage a dinner meal service on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday & Friday of each week from meal prep to the service provided from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and through clean-up.
    • Create a monthly meal plan using inventory list, Yamhill Community Action Partnership (YCAP), US Foods and/or other authorized vendors.
    • Work collaboratively with YCAP to source needed food through the USDA/Oregon Food Bank programs.
    • Ensure that all requirements of the Partner Agency Agreement with YCAP and USDA TEFAP program are met.
    • Work with community groups/businesses to accept and track food donations.
    • Ensure a meal count and guests for each dinner service.
    • Ensure that the Soup Kitchen inventory is updated regularly.  
    • Prepare and file required reports with YCAP and other agencies if applicable.
    • Maintain valid Food Handlers card, Diocesan Background Check and Safe Training program.
  • Manage the volunteer program:
    • Recruit volunteers.
    • Provide in-person training. 
    • Maintain the volunteer roster by obtaining volunteer information sheets, update spreadsheet at least monthly.
    • Will ensure all volunteers will be required to obtain and retain: an active Food Handlers Card from the Health Department; background check via the Diocese of Oregon; and complete the Safe Training diocesan program.
    • Assign volunteers to appropriate duties to ensure that all Soup Kitchen activities are completed timely including but not limited to: set-up, food preparation, meal service and clean-up.
  • Facility & Equipment Maintenance
    • Ensure that the facility is maintained in a clean and orderly manner as required by the Parish, the Partner Agency Agreement/USDA agreements and Yamhill County Health Department.
    • Ensure the complete cleaning of kitchen and dining areas, all freezers and refrigerators on a quarterly basis and more frequently as needed.
      • Ensure that all equipment is regularly maintained and that maintenance is scheduled on the large equipment at least semi-annually, preferably on a quarterly basis.
      • Participate actively in all health and sanitation inspections, ensuring that any concerns are immediately addressed.
      • Ensure that pest control measures are in place.
  • Administration Duties:
    • Ensure all incidents are reported immediately to the Executive Director.
    • Compiles reports, attends to administrative details, drafts and compose correspondence as needed and requested.
    • Prepare purchase orders and requests (with copies, plus resultant invoices to Finance Administrator) to ensure an appropriate amount of supplies on hand.  Source supplies at the least expensive price and seek donations whenever possible.
    • Attend the monthly Board meetings and submit a monthly report.
    • Track expiration dates of required documentation for volunteers, such as Food Handlers license, Diocesan background check and Safe Training program, and ensure all are up to date.
    • Periodically review and update the Volunteer Handbook.


  • Relevant educational background with a minimum of two years of meal service or food distribution operational experience. Prior experience in social services related role or volunteer coordinator role desired.
  • Experience in managing a food distribution operation or running a not-for profit entity that provides services directly to the public or business management experience desired.
  • Bilingual in Spanish desired.
  • Ability to use good judgment and make appropriate decisions.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Effective delegation skills.
  • Ability to train and delegate responsibilities to volunteers.
  • Competent in electronic communications.
  • Ability to operate various office equipment including: computer and electronic communications.
  • Effective time management and organizational skills.
  • Ability to handle confidential information.
  • Valid state driver’s license and proof of automobile insurance.
  • Ability to work on several projects simultaneously and with a variety of volunteers, Board, Executive Director.  Ability to work under pressure with constant interruptions.

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to clearly communicate with our guests, volunteers and Board.
  • Ability to perform the duties of the job.

Mental Abilities Deemed Important:

  • Variety and Change/Adaptability and Flexibility – Ability to perform a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency, composure or patience involving significant differences in technologies, techniques, procedures, or work situations.
  • Problem Solving – Ability to identify and define problems, evaluate alternatives, and implement effective solutions.
  • Planning and Control – Ability to identify and prioritize task requirements and monitor progress toward accomplishment of job requirements and Soup Kitchen goals.
  • Following Instructions – Ability to receive guidance and supervision; follow work policies and procedures, safety practices; meet deadlines, punctuality and attendance standards; understand and maintain confidentiality.
  • Concentration – Ability to work independently to accomplish assigned tasks accurately with regular interruptions and noise of surrounding work areas.
  • Initiative – Ability to think and act without being urged; suggest new ideas, procedures and services.
  • Analyze – Ability to examine in detail so as to determine natures and tendencies.
  • Performing Under Stress – Ability to perform under stress when confronted with difficult situations, i.e. Troubleshooting multiple problems at the same time, or in situations in which working speed and sustained attention are required; to be subject to tension as a regular part of the job.
  • Verify – Ability to test the correctness or accuracy of, as by investigation, comparison with a standard, or reference to the facts.
  • Working within Set Limits or Standards – Ability to adapt to situations requiring the precise attainment of set limits or standards; to be precise, thorough, exacting, or meticulous in activities such as numerical determinations, records preparation, or inspecting.
  • Feeling, or Ideas – Ability to listen and to adapt to situations involving the interpretation of feelings, ideas, or facts in terms of personal viewpoint.
  • Effective Interpersonal relationships: work with groups, guests, volunteers, Board and suppliers.