Dear friends in Christ,

Tomorrow evening, I will preach and celebrate at St. John the Evangelist’s (Milwaukie) Christmas Eve service.  As you know, I had planned to preside at Christmas Eve services at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, which is a traditional expression of the cathedral as the home of the bishop’s cathedra.  However, when I learned that St. John’s rector, the Rev. Jeanne Kaliszewski, was ill and unable to secure a supply priest for their Christmas Eve service, I offered to step in for their 8:00 pm service.

As the Chief Pastor of our diocese, it is incumbent upon me to tend to the spiritual well-being of all the good and faithful people who comprise the Body of Christ in Western Oregon.  As we continue to adapt to challenges wrought by Covid and other flus, our faith helps us to respond with compassion when illness disrupts our best-laid plans.  This year, I believe it important to ensure that the parish of St. John the Evangelist will have Eucharist on Christmas Eve.

I ask for your continued prayers for those who are sick, especially during this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas,