Thank you all who attended and made the 135th Annual Meeting of the Convention happen on Saturday, October 28. You can watch the entire meeting recording here.


Watch the morning prayer service here; download the service bulletin here.


“Stability is available to us as the fruit of spiritual practices. Through prayer—both corporate and individual— we deepen our identity in Christ. This identity has its fullness in the knowledge that, in God, we know a peace that surpasses understanding. Because of this we trust that we are perfectly safe, that all will be well even though we do not control the how and the when.”

“This trust is at the center of our capacity to adapt. Adaptive change, for Christians, is fueled by trust and hope that the light of Christ within us has the power to transform lives: our own as well as others’. We build the capacity to adapt through our practices of forgiveness. One of the most important gifts God has given us is to have hearts that truly see and hear. What we learn because of this gift, is not only that we are loved beyond all understanding, but that we have the ability to hurt others and are therefore called to repair the damage we have done.” 

“When we do the work of confession, forgiveness, and reconciliation, we have laid the foundation to be adaptive — to understand that our transformation in Christ is always about change … about looking up ahead to see where the light of Christ is shining … and to follow.”

Watch Bishop Akiyama’s Address here. Her printed address is available here y en Español aquí.


  • Constitution and Canons Committee: Derek Moyer, Emily Karr, Marie Bagwell, the Rev. Nathan LeRud, the Rev. Brandon Filbert, Martin Loring, the Rev. Laura Sheridan-Campbell, and Becky Snow
  • Commission on Ministry: The Rev. Lainie Allen, The Rev. Martin Elferts, Beth Ferguson, The Rev. Deacon Cindra Gray, the Rev. Jeanne Kaliszewski, the Rev. Deacon Tracy LeBlanc, the Rev. Marlene Mutchler, and the Rev. Raggs Ragan
  • Convocation Deans:
    • Central Convocation: The Rev. Judith Jones
    • Columbia Convocation: The Rev. Shana McCauley
    • Metro East Convocation: The Rev. Andria Skornik
    • South Coast Convocation: The Rev. Dawn Reynolds
    • Southern Convocation: The Rev. Ernestein Flemister
    • Sunset Convocation: The Rev. Beth Mallon
    • Willamette Convocation: The Rev. Chris Hertlein


The following individuals were elected to various diocesan bodies:

  • Secretary of Convention: The Rev. Laura Sheridan Campbell
  • Registrar: Tracy Esguerra
  • Treasurer: Kathy Gordon
  • Chancellor: Emily Karr
  • Disciplinary Board: Dan Breene, Nora McLaughlin, and the Rev. Bingham Powell
  • Standing Committee:
    • Lay: Pamela Filbert – St. Timothy, Salem
    • Clergy: The Rev. Linda Lee, Deacon – St. Timothy, Brookings
  • Board of Trustees:
    • Lay: Sonja Miller – All Saints, Portland
    • Clergy: The Rev. Jeanne Kaliszewski – St. John the Evangelist, Milwaukie
  • Trinity Cathedral Chapter: Hana Rubens – St. Luke, Grants Pass
  • Diocesan Council:
    • Lay
      • Mary Elles Andrew – St. Andrew, Florence
      • Nikolaus Grimsby – St. Luke, Grants Pass
    • Clergy:
      • The Rev. Ruth Krueger, Deacon – Good Samaritan, Corvallis
      • The Rev. Birch Rambo – Resurrection, Eugene


Canonical Amendments:

Resolutions of Policy:

Other Business:

  • Dissolution of St. John, Toledo passed
  • Dissolution of Ascension, Riddle passed
  • Dissolution of Ss. Peter & Paul, Portland passed
  • 2024 Diocesan Budget passed

Additional Reports and Presentations:

Resolutions of Courtesy: