Employee Benefits

Here you will find information regarding Premium rates for Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, Short Term, and Long Term Disability. You will also find enrollment forms, change request forms, pension information, and other relevant information.

You can find the 2024 Health Insurance Open Enrollment information here.


The Denominational Health Plan passed at the 2011 Diocesan Annual Meeting and went into effect on January 1, 2012. Lay personnel working 1,500 hours or more a year shall be offered medical and dental insurance. Whatever percentage a faith community pays for their clergy’s medical and dental premium, the faith community must pay the same for lay personnel (lay personnel working 1,000 hours or more are eligible to enroll in medical and dental insurance, however, they will not be eligible for a cost share).

There are three exceptions for an employee to opt out:

    1. Lay or clergy are covered under a spouse’s plan
    2. Have healthcare benefits through a government-sponsored program (i.e.) Medicaid or Tricare
    3. Coverage from a previous employer

Should a clergy person opt out because their spouse has coverage for either clergy or their children, you still must offer a family plan to lay personnel. Clergy applying for a position within the diocese must be offered our medical and dental plan. It is up to the faith community and the new clergy to negotiate benefits. For more information regarding the Denominational Health Plan, please contact the insurance administrator in the diocesan office.

Notice: Before calling a retired clergy who is on Medicare and has Medicare Supplemental coverage to your faith community, call the diocesan insurance administrator to ascertain if you qualify under the Medicare Federal Regulations.