Title IV

Title IV of The Episcopal Church canons details the grounds and process for ecclesiastical discipline. It is a church-wide structure to address claims that bishops, priests, or deacons may have engaged in conduct constituting an offense under the canons. It encourages accountability, justice, reconciliation, restoration and pastoral responses.

The Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church:

    • Title IV Ecclesiastical Discipline begins on page 200
    • Title IV.13 Of Hearing Panels begins on page 225
    • Title IV.13.3-4 Document dissemination begins on page 226
    • Title IV.14 Of Accords and Orders begins on page 230
    • Title IV.15 Of Review begins on page 233
    • Title IV.17 Of Proceedings for Bishops begins on page 246

Learn more about the disciplinary process: Understanding Title IV website.

Anyone with information about a possible offense by clergy or a layperson of the Episcopal Church in Western Oregon may contact the intake officer below or our diocesan office. Possible criminal offenses should always be reported to law enforcement for investigation.


Intake Officer

To report a Title IV complaint, please contact our intake officer, the Rev. Laura Sheridan-Campbell by email or phone at (541) 708-1556