The Annual Meeting of
the Convention of the
Episcopal Church in Western Oregon

The 135th Annual Meeting will be held online on Saturday, October 28, 2023.

Registration links are emailed to Delegates two weeks prior.

Delegate change? Please complete the Delegate Change Form.
All delegate changes must be submitted by October 13.
Emergency changes after October 13 must go through the Secretary of Convention.


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Annual Meeting  Agenda
A meeting agenda for the 135th Annual Meeting of Convention is currently under revision and will be posted shortly.


House Rules

The 2023 Diocesan Annual Meeting of Convention House Rules is being revised and will be posted shortly. 


Consent Calendar
  • Appointments to Convention
  • Appointments for Diocesan Bodies
  • Bishop’s Nominations for Elected Officers
Appointments to the Annual Meeting

The following people are appointed for the specified roles at the 135th Annual Convention / Las Siguientes personas están nombradas para los cargos específicos en la 135 Convención Anual:

Parliamentarian / Parlamentaria 

Committee on Dispatch of Business / Comité para Despacho de Asuntos

  • The Rev. Wes Sedlacek, Chair
  • Gwen Best
  • The Rev. Laura Sheridan Campbell
  • Cindy Russell

Committee on Resolutions of Policy / Comité para Reglamento de Resoluciones 

  • Alan Murray, Chair
  • Emily Karr
  • The Rev. Wes Sedlacek

Committee on Resolutions of Courtesy / Comité para Resoluciones de Cortesía

  • The Rev. Martin Elfert

Committee on Credentials / Comité sobre los Títulos

  • The Rev. Laura Sheridan Campbell
  • Tracy Esguerra
  • Alli Gannett

Nominating Committee / Comité para Nominaciones

  • The Rev. Bingham Powell, Chair
  • The Rev. Tricia Gates Brown
  • The Rev. Everett Charters
  • The Rev. Shawn Dickerson
  • Kevin Gardner
  • Ann Peck McBride
  • Sonja Miller
  • Abby Mulcahy
  • The Rev. Dawn Reynolds
  • Hana Rubens
  • The Rev. Jaime Sanders
  • The Rev. Laura Sheridan-Campbell
  • Nancylee Stewart
  • Katie Thomas

Constitution and Canons Committee / 

  • Derek Moyer, Chair
  • Emily Karr, Chancellor
  • Marie Bagwell
  • The Rev. Nathan LeRud
  • The Rev. Brandon Filbert
  • Martin Loring
  • The Rev. Laura-Sheridan Campbell
  • Becky Snow
Bishop's Nominations for Elected Officers

Secretary / Secretaria The Rev. Laura Sheridan Campbell

Registrar/ Registro Tracy Esguerra

Treasurer / Tesorero  Kathy Gordon

Chancellor / Canciller  Emily Karr

Diocesan Leadership Elections

Below are the Governing Bodies with positions open. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please fill out this form.

Standing Committee – Lay
Comité Permanente – Laicos
one position to be filled | un puesto por llenar
Standing Committee – Clergy
Comité Permanente – Clérigos
one position to be filled | un puesto por llenar
Board of Trustees – Lay
Consejo de Fideicomiso – Laicos
one position to be filled | un puesto por llenar
Board of Trustees – Clergy
Consejo de Fideicomiso – Clérigos 
one position to be filled | un puesto por llenar
Trinity Cathedral Chapter – Lay or Clergy  
Capitular para La Catedral de la Trinidad – Laico o Clérigo
one position to be filled | un puesto por llenar
Diocesan Council – Lay
Consejo Diocesano – Laicos
two positions to be filled | dos puestos por llenar
Diocesan Council – Clergy
Consejo Diocesano – Clérigos
two positions to be filled | dos puestos por llenar
Proposed Diocesan Budget
Development of the 2024 Budget
Diocesan Council is trying out a new budget development timeline in 2023.  The goal is to shorten the budget process so that applications are due July 5 (instead of in April), and convocations will be able to study and give feedback on the budget in August and September. 
The Diocesan Council-approved budget will be posted on this website by October 6 — three weeks before the Annual Meeting of the Diocesan Convention.  This is a one-time experiment and has been approved by the Bishop and the Diocesan Chancellor.

      Resolutions of Policy: 

      • Proposed Draft Resolution to Repudiate Doctrine of Discovery – English
      • Proposed Draft Resolution Support of Palestinian Christians – English
      • Proposed Draft Resolution Safeguard the Rights of Palestinian Children – English

      Canonical Amendments: 

      • Proposed Canonical Amendment to Canon 1.1 Annual Meeting of Convention – English
      • Proposed Canonical Amendment to Canon 3.8 The Commission on Ministry – English
      • Proposed Canonical Amendments to Canon 1.1 and 1.4 Official Youth Presence – English

      *Please note that Spanish translations of the resolutions and canonical amendments are forthcoming

      Resolutions Referred to Dioceses From the 80th General Convention

      It is a requirement of Canon I.1.1.e that the Convention of every Diocese receive notice whenever any alteration of the Book of Common Prayer or of the Constitution is proposed. The 80th General Convention proposed three resolutions with changes to the Constitution.

      At the 80th General Convention, there were three Amendments to the Constitution. You can read about each amendment on this document from the General Convention Office. 

      • A031 – Amend the Consitution and Canons Relating to Mergers of Dioceses – Final Status: Concurred as Amended
      • A059 – Amend Article X of the Consitution of The Episcopal Church (First Reading) – Final Status: Concurred as Substituted and Amended
      • A157 – Amend Article I Sec. 7 – Final Status: Concurred
      Diocesan Working Groups and Ministries Annual Reports

      Use this template to complete your report. Please submit all reports to the Secretary of Convention by October 20.

      – 12 pt. font in Times New Roman
      – 1” margins
      – 1-page reports (2 pages, if absolutely necessary)

      Completed Reports (listed in alphabetical order):

      • Camping Ministry
      • Campus Ministry, University of Oregon, Eugene
      • Campus Ministry, Oregon State University
      • Clinical Pastoral Education/Training
      • Commission on Ministry
      • Constitution and Canons Committee
      • Cursillo – Oregon & SW Washington
      • Diocesan Council
      • Education for Ministry (EFM)
      • Episcopal Church Women (ECW)
      • Finance Committee
      • Latino Ministry
      • Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center Chaplaincy
      • Property Committee
      • Socially Responsible Investing Stakeholder Advisory Committee
      • Task Force for Palestinian Human Rights
      • Task Force for Trans & Non-binary persons
      • Thriving Leaders
      • United Thank Offering
      • Working Groups, Committees, & Commissions:
        • Creation Care
        • Engaging Racial Justice
        • Housing Crisis
        • Liturgy and Music
        • Prison
        • Recovery
        • Truth and Reconciliation

      Annual Meeting News

      Annual Meeting Archives

      134th Annual Meeting (2022)

      You can watch the full meeting recording here. Below you will find the highlights from the Annual Meeting:


        • Morning Prayer: Watch the morning prayer service on our YouTube.
        • Bishop’s Address: Watch Bishop Akiyama’s Address to the Diocese of Oregon/Episcopal Church in Western Oregon here.