Development Resources

Congregational Development is defined as the development of congregations of all sizes, locations, and conditions into more faithful, healthy, and effective communities of faith. Our development resources are centered around telling our unique story of the Episcopal faith in our context, creating healthy practices for leaders and communities, discerning intentional adaptations to the challenges and opportunities around us, and working toward greater sustainability of our ministries, properties, and finances.


This is a great option for clergy-in-charge to bring a team to a week long, comprehensive training program to nurture and develop congregational development practitioners from within existing parish lay and clergy leadership. This is offered in our neighboring Diocese of Olympia.  

This program will focus on:

    • organization development theory and practice
    • congregational development theory and practice
    • theory and practice related to healthy, responsive leadership
    • current and traditional understandings of Anglican/Episcopal ethos, culture, spirituality, and ways of being the church today

The training consists of readings, presentations, exercises, application activities, and projects and is offered in two formats:

    • Four 2-day sessions for each of two consecutive years, or
    • Two seven-day intensive sessions over two consecutive summers


The Diocesan Consultant Network is a resource for faith communities who are seeking outside facilitation and accompaniment. The network includes lay and clergy leaders who bring a wide variety of skills and competencies to congregations, diocesan program groups, and specific diocesan-wide initiatives.

Fees for diocesan consultants:

$50.00 per hour (including preparation) + expenses
One Day Vestry Retreat (6 hours): $350.00 + expenses
Two Day Vestry Retreat (8+ hours): $500.00 + expenses

 Consultants can assist with:

Mutual Ministry Reviews

Program and leadership development

Vestry retreat facilitation

Congregational development sessions

Strategic Planning

Parish-wide listening and decision making process

Conflict Mediation



Please contact the Rev. Christopher Craun at