Board of Trustees

The Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Oregon is incorporated under the laws of the State of Oregon under the name and title of “The Diocese of Oregon.” The Board of Trustees makes up the trustees of the corporation. The Board of Trustees is comprised of the bishop, the chancellor, the treasurer, the secretary, three clergy, and three lay persons elected by the convention.

The trustees act within bounds set by the bishop, the convention, and the Standing Committee to steward the funds and property entrusted to the diocese. The Finance Committee of the diocese, appointed by the Board of Trustees, conducts an ongoing review of all financial transactions in the diocese.

The trustees meet on the last Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm. Meetings may be held online.

The Standing Committee, Board of Trustees, & Diocesan Council meet together for an
All Governing Bodies Retreat on March 25 & September 30.

Upcoming Meetings

members of the board

The Rt. Rev. Diana Akiyama, President
The Rev. Dawn Reynolds (St. Thomas, Dallas), Vice President
Kathy Gordon, Treasurer
Emily Karr, Chancellor

Pamela Filbert (St. Timothy, Salem)
The Rev. Nancy Gallagher (St. John the Divine, Springfield)
Sally Jaeggli (Emmanuel, Coos Bay)
The Rev. Bernie Lindley (St. Timothy, Brookings)
Mike Penfield (St. John the Baptist, Portland)


The Rev. Laura Sheridan Campbell, Recording Secretary
Christopher Buresch, Advisor for Finance and Property