Employment Documents

Arranged according to employee class and status, below are those documents and the resources you will need to fill out those documents. For each class of employee and employee status, some documents need to be sent to the diocesan payroll administrator.

For assistance, please contact our Financial Department at finance@ecwo.org.

New Hire - Clergy

Other documents that need to be included are:

  • Housing letter
  • Letter of Agreement

If the new clergy meets either of the two requirements below, click here for benefits information.

  • Eligible for Medical / Dental benefits if working 20+ hours a week
  • Eligible for pension earning $200+ per month for 3 consecutive months

Helpful items regarding Paylocity:

New Hire - Lay Employees

    If the new lay employee is working 20+ hours a week, click here for benefits information.

    Helpful items regarding Paylocity:

    Employee Changes - Clergy
    Employee Changes - Lay

    EMPLOYEE WORKSHEET to be completed with termination date/last day worked and return to the diocesan payroll administrator. It is available as an editable PDF or a Word Document.

    Final Paycheck

    • The final check must be given by the end of the next business day.
    • The final check must be given immediately if the employee has given at least 48 hours notice. If an employee does not give notice, the final check must be given within five days or the next scheduled payday, whichever occurs first.

    Verification of employment

    Please send the Verification of Employment and signed authorization form from the employee to:

    Fax: 503-636-5616

    Payroll & Holiday Calendar

    Stipend, Housing, & Utility (SHU) Chart