Community Partners

Organizations or entities with whom we are working towards the common goal
of becoming the beloved community God has called us to be.

ECUMENICAL MINISTRIES OF OREGON is an ecumenical organization that strives for unity in Jesus Christ and seeks to honor sacred traditions by bringing together diverse communities of faith to learn, serve and advocate for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation. EMO was founded in 1974, after the Oregon Council of Churches and the Portland Council of Churches merged. Learn more at

CUREPDX, which stands for Capacity to Undermine Recruitment to Extremism in Portland, is a project that focuses on combating radicalization and political extremism throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Cure Violence model for violence interruption focuses on controlling the cluster and spread of violence, similar to the treatment of disease. Their project has one true goal: to create a well-informed, multi-faceted model for violence de-escalation and interruption. Learn more at

OREGON REMEMBRANCE PROJECT (ORP) works closely with communities on projects focused on truth, justice, and reconciliation. ORP centers this work around the three R’s of reconciliation: Remembrance, Repair, and Redemption. Current projects include a dive into Oregon’s history of lynching, the death penalty, Sundown Towns, and the Klu Klux Klan. Learn more at

TOGETHER LAB accompanies people out of isolation by activating, stewarding, and nourishing a leader-full ecology of congregations, denominations, and justice movements to co-create thriving communities. Faith communities throughout the diocese participate in Sacred Organizing cohorts, an ecumenical youth cohort, and the “Listening Project,” which invites all into a season of listening through scripture and story. Learn more at