Trinity Cathedral in Portland has opened its 5-month catechesis course to anyone in the diocese who wants to participate. This course is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Episcopal Church and the central way we gather as a community – The Eucharist. The course is co-taught by Dean Nathan LeRud and other Trinity staff and will feature guest presenters. The lay facilitators are Bill Bard and Beth Ferguson.

Who is Catechesis for?

The class is for adults seeking one of these Rites*: Baptism, Confirmation, Reception into the Episcopal Church, or Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows. Some people take the class without seeking any rites at the end. You don’t need to decide right away. 

*Don’t know what these italicized words mean? That’s okay! We will explain them.

People who have taken the class in the past have been:

  • New to Christianity
  • New to the Episcopal Church
  • New to Trinity
  • Interested in meeting other people on a similar faith journey. 
  • Life-long Episcopalians who want to deepen their understanding of how we worship.
  • Members of other parishes throughout the Diocese that do not have an adult confirmation class right now. If this describes your community, we encourage you (but don’t require) to find a few other people from your parish to take the class with you.

When is Catechesis?

  • The course will run from January 3 – May 22, 2024. There will not be classes on February 14, March 27, or April 3.
  • It will be held every Wednesday at Trinity Cathedral in NW Portland and on Zoom from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.
  • Classes are recorded, so you can still get the content if you miss a class.
  • Baptisms will be at the Easter Vigil on Saturday, March 30, 2024.
  • Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation will be on Trinity Sunday, May 26, 2024. 
  • If you are from a different parish and seeking one of the rites listed above, Dean Nathan will talk with you and your clergyperson about the best place for you to receive your rite. 

We welcome you to check out the first few classes to see if you would like to join us this winter and spring.

Have more questions? Contact one of us:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a clergy person from another parish interested in forming your own small group to attend Catechesis remotely, please get in touch with Dean Nathan or one of us to discuss how we can support you with this. We’d love to have you!