Duties – Weekly walk around inspection and survey of interior and exterior of building and property. Perform minor, non-technical maintenance tasks as required. Works in conjunction with Junior Warden building team and Parish Administrator. Reports to the Rector. Requires basic knowledge and familiarity of existing building and layout. Requires ability to timely communicate building issues for resolution. When required, coordinate with and oversee building user groups. Coordinate with Parish Administrator to meet contractor representatives when necessary.

Work hours – Targeted for 15 hours per month. Hours may vary depending on event scheduling. This time is not limited or restricted by week but rather allows for flexibility. The church will provide as much advance notice of work hour adjustments as possible. As special events occur, presence may just be needed for opening and closing the church.

The posting closes on February 23rd, 2024.

Job Responsibilities:


  1. Coordinate with Parish Administrator, building users regarding building, surrounding area and any issues that might affect occupants or property
  2. Perform a walk around and check overall condition of property
  3. Ensure church is prepared for scheduled services
  4. Check thermostats for proper settings and conditions

Monthly/As required:

  1. Serve as point of contact for technicians or contractor personnel when performing maintenance or repairs to church property
  2. Open and close church before and after approved building users complete their events
  3. Ensure church property is returned to normal configuration after such events
  4. During adverse weather conditions, consistent with personal safety, clear sidewalks and entries of snow and ice for scheduled services.
  5. Attend Rector’s staff meetings

Required knowledge, skills and abilities:

  1. Basic high school diploma or GED
  2. Ability to read instructions, communicate clearly orally and effectively
  3. Have access to adequate, reliable transportation
  4. Possess self-starter aptitude and be able to work with other staff members
  5. One to three years of experience in equivalent work

Physical and administrative requirements:

  1. The ability to safely work with basic tools, including limited power tools
  2. The ability to safely use church provided ladders, always aware of the limits of their use
  3. The ability to lift up to 35 pounds and move or carry miscellaneous objects
  4. Wil be subject to and must complete a background check prior to placement
  5. Post hire additional training requirements
  6. Will be a member of the church staff and will report to the Rector and keep the Parish Administrator and Junior Warden informed

If interested, please email: office@stjte.org, with the email addressed to Bruce Fontaine, Junior Warden.